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Dear International Student:

Welcome to the capital area of New York State and to the new academic year. We hope the time you spend here will be happy and productive and that you will leave this country, state and community with a good impression and many happy memories.

Among these memories may be a relationship with an American family or friend whom you will meet through the Friendship Partner Program, a program designed to promote friendship and understanding between members of the community and students from abroad.
Each year in August and September Americans from a number of local churches volunteer to be partners with international students from September until May. During this time they will share their life with them through informal meeting, meals, outings, holiday celebrations and so on.

The program is very informal and activities are arranged to meet the schedules of both the Americans and the students. In addition, special events - sports, music, trips, dinners, etc. - are organized by Horizons International. American friends and international students are invited to take part in them.

There are several ways to apply to the Friendship Partner program.

  • Applications to the Friendship Partner Program will be available at all the Horizons welcome parties. They can be turned in the same night.

  • Or you can e-mail us here and we will send you an application. You can fill it out and e-mail it back to us.

We hope very much to be able to provide a friendship partner for every student who requests one. However, because the number of American partners is limited we ask that you apply only if you are serious about this commitment. Within a short time after submitting your application you should be contacted by your new friend to arrange your first meeting. We're looking forward to meeting you!


the Horizons International Team

Please contact us, if you have any questions or comments about Horizons or Horizons' Events.

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